Duke Energy cancels plans for Levy County nuclear power plant

10:56 PM, Aug 1, 2013   |    comments
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Levy County, Florida-- Duke Energy says it is canceling plans to build a $24.7 billion nuclear power facility in Levy County.

Duke had been charging its customers nuclear cost recovery fees. and through those fees, customers have already paid $1.5 billion for the plant so far.

The proposed plant was supposed to have its license by 2014.
Levy County is located on the coast, just west of Marion County and just north of Citrus County.

So what happens to that 1.5 billion of customers' money? 

There won't be any checks going out.  

Instead, Duke settled with the Florida Public Service Commission saying it wouldn't raise base rates through the end of 2018.

That doesn't sit well with state representative Mike Fasano.

The company adds they made the decision to cancel the plant because of delays in licensing for new nuclear plants, and recent legislative changes.

Tampa Bay Times

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