Charlie Crist admits he may have been behind leaked info on Marco Rubio

6:39 PM, Feb 7, 2013   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- Florida's junior Senator, Marco Rubio, is creating a lot of buzz after he was picked to give the response to President Obama's State of the Union address, and also appearing this week on the cover of Time Magazine. 

But the next round of publicity Rubio may encounter could be embarrassing information about his use of the state Republican Party credit card to pay for personal items.

That information comes from a newly released deposition in the case of former Florida GOP Party Chair Jim Greer, who goes to trial next week. The man being questioned under oath is former Governor Charlie Crist, who admits he may have been the one to order the damaging information about Rubio be released.

Rubio's credibility took a major hit when media reports surfaced more than three years ago that he used his Republican Party of Florida credit card to purchase personal items, including a $4,000 floor for his private home.

The State Democratic Party even ran a mock ad saying, "There are some things Rubio can afford to buy. For everything else, there is the Republican Party credit card."

Now because of Greer's upcoming trial, we are learning how the word may have leaked out.

In the deposition, Crist is asked, "Do you recall instructing Greer to deliver Marco Rubio's American Express statements to the St. Pete Times, Tampa Tribune?"

The former governor replies, "I don't recall."

He is then asked, "Is it possible that you did?" 

Crist answers: "It's possible."

That is just one of the embarrassing issues sure to come up in the trial as Greer exposes the fundraising policies of the party.

Greer gave us one example more than a year ago when he told us about a visit he had from the President of the Senate, Mike Haridopolos and House Speaker, Dean Cannon. 

Greer says he was told, "'We eat what we kill, chairman.' And I had to have that explained to me. And what that meant is, if we bring a million dollars into the party here and park it here in the Senate and House campaigns... if we want to have baseball games, limousines [and] five star hotels, don't you or anyone else tell us we can't."

The Greer trial starts Monday, and he is charged with secretly paying himself to raise money for the Florida Republican Party. However, the list of witnesses his legal team is calling is a who's-who of state Republican politics. 

There is no doubt there will be embarrassing questions not only regarding Rubio, but also about the excesses of party leaders in the way they spent campaign contributions on a regular basis.

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