Texting offers promise but also peril to campaigns

3:54 PM, Apr 9, 2012   |    comments
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NEW YORK (AP) -- If you thought you were safe from political phone advertisments because you no longer had a house phone, think again.

Communication strategiests say text messaging is providing one of the most effective ways to reach potential political supporters.

The 160-character messages can be used to encourage last-minute donations or provide information on where to vote.

But texting can also pose a potential danger for political campaigns.

Federal rules prohibit such test from going out to anyone who doesn't agree to receive them.  Some groups have found a loophole around that requirement, using email rather than the standard SMS "short code" that telemarketers normally use for texting.

Voters may receive unsolicited, negative, and anonymous messages to cell phone lists purchased though brokers.

This new texting practice has angered voters, who are forced to pay if they don't have flat-rate mesaging plans.

Associated Press

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