Tuesday's Teacher of the Week: Lynette Price

11:48 AM, May 15, 2007   |    comments
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Tarpon Springs, Florida - Lynette Price has been holding the hands of and  leading kindergarten students for 20 years now.

On this day, she is helping the little ones through a special performance for their moms. She is clearly nervous and wants them to put on a good show. 

They are flawless as they a sing rendition of the 1990’s hit  song “ A Song for Mama” by Boyz II Men.

The line that nails it is when these precious five year old sing the verse “loving you is like food to my soul.”

They rub their stomachs in unison as they sing it. There is barely a dry eye in the house.

Mom Amy Guear gives her son Ethan a hug after the performance. She says her son loves kindergarten, and his teacher is the reason.

Amy Guear, Parent
“Mrs. Price certainly cares about the kids and it makes me feel safe and secure dropping off my child every day and know that he is protected and loved.”

As they head back to the classroom, Mrs. Price says it’s all about making her students feel loved and like one big family.

Lynette Price, Teacher
“One of the things I try to do when they first come in is create a culture that this is your school family. We are going to treat each other like family and we are going to love each other and treat each other with respect. So if you say something unkind, you have to apologize, because we are family and I am your Mama at school.”

To show just how much they appreciate their school mom, all of the students wrote Mrs. Price some special letters and put them in a book. Mrs. Price takes her time and reads every entry to the class.

One student says she loves Mrs. Price because she lets them have playtime. Another student writes she loves her teacher, because she is a good dancer.

And another says Mrs. Price gives the best hugs and then runs up and gives her a big squeeze.

Mrs. Price says she wants her students to know they can be anything they want to be. In fact her theme is: Kindergarten, where dreams take flight.

It seems her students are ready to soar and take on first grade thanks to this wonderful teacher.

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Ginger Gadsden, Tampa Bay's 10 News

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