Father of boating victim lashes out at survivor

11:30 PM, May 19, 2011   |    comments
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If there was one thing Marquis Cooper loved, it was fishing. But it was that love, which led to Marquis and two of his close friends, Will Blakely and Corey Smith to lose their lives.

Now two years after that deadly boating trip, the lone survivor, Nick Schuyler is sharing his story in his book, "Not Without Hope."

Nick says he needed to set the story straight. He says, "Because of all the rumors that had been going on, I couldn't take it."

But not everyone agrees with Schuyler's account of what went on out in the gulf.

Bruce Cooper, Marquis' dad says he doesn't believe what Schuyler says.

Cooper says, "From the moment Nick hits the water, he becomes superman. He is saving people. He is giving mouth to mouth. He's doing everything that defies seasickness."

Bruce Cooper does not believe things went down the way Nick describes it.

He doesn't say what he believes did happen, but for some reason he questions Nick's accounts.

But only Schuyler says he knows what happened and that was why he wrote the book, to set the story straight.

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