Hundreds turn out for memorial for five kids killed in house fire

11:59 PM, Nov 10, 2010   |    comments
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Citra, FL - The pews were full at the First Baptist Church on Wednesday as nearly 200 gathered to remember the short lives of the young children who perished in a house fire.

"Its the respectful and right thing to do to come together as a community," said Citra resident and mom Rochelle Mansour.

Monday night, neighbors say they heard the children screaming but the fierce flames had already engulfed the home.

Sisters, Trinity Jordan and Shyanne and their brothers William, Austin and Joseph all died.

Neighbors Angela and Robbin Stroud were able to help the kids' aunt out of the burning home. The mother and grandmother both escaped.

Investigators still don't know what sparked the blaze. The community doesn't care so much about the cause as they do about coming together for this family.

Christina Durden's daughter Taylor, 6, says she misses her friend Trinity already. "She is a very great girl," said Taylor, adding, "She has a very great smile."

The ages of the Jordan children range from 6 to 15, so the communitys children are taking the hit the hardest. Pastor Craig Jacobs says they are the focus of his message. 

"We can't speak to them as grown-ups looking down on them. We have to get down on their level and begin to love on them and comfort them," said Jacobs.

The pastor's message Wednesday night was short and sweet. He told the children that it is ok to cry and mourn the loss of their friends.

Then, the congregation lit candles as a symbol of keeping the Jordan children's spirit alive.

The memorial closed with the church bell ringing five times for each young life lost.

The church will also hold a fundraiser on Saturday to raise money for the Jordan family. They will also have a blood mobile there to draw blood from donors to go directly to the remaining survivors of the house fire.

Erica Pitzi, 10 News Reporter

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