Great Hang Up: Distracted Driving Game

3:53 PM, Feb 3, 2012   |    comments
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Teenagers love their cell phones.  And most of them love video games.  So why not use one to convince kids not to use the other while driving?

An online game--designed to curb distracted driving--debuted recently at the fourth annual Teen Driving Summit in Minnesota.  It's called Distraction Dodger--a creation of the University of Minnesota's Center for Transportation Studies.

In the game, players run their own pizza business by driving a delivery truck around town.  They have to deliver the pizzas on time, like any other pizza business.  The game isn't easy when the players are constantly tempted with distractions like using a cell phone or eating.

The goal is to show teenagers the importance of concentrating while driving.

Click here to play the game.


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