Great Hang Up: Judge bans major talker/texter

1:06 PM, Aug 18, 2011   |    comments
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Norwich, United Kingdom -- As if usinig a cell phone while driving wasn't bad enough, a British driver was caught using TWO phones behind the wheel.

Police in Britain--where it's illegal to use a phone while driving--spotted David Secker driving on a stretch of highway with one phone to his right ear and a second phone in his left hand, apparently texting.

In fact, the officer says after pulling Secker over, he was kept waiting while Secker finished up his phone conversation.

This week, a magistrate banned Secker from driving for a year.  Secker didn't speak after sentencing, but his attorney said his client wasn't actually texting with the second phone.

"He wasn't texting or talking on it," said solicitor Simon Nicholls. "He was just reading a number off it--a bit like it was a scrap of paper or something like that. But of course that meant he was not in proper control of the vehicle and he has no argument with the magistrate's decision at all. He felt--as he said--he was dealt with very fairly."

Secker was also fined for failing to have car insurance.

"We see people eating apples, we see people lighting cigarettes," added Nicholls. "We see all sorts of things. It was perhaps unfortunate for David that it just coincidentally happened to be two mobile phones."



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