Study warns of pesticides during pregnancy

9:45 PM, Apr 9, 2012   |    comments
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Here's another good reason to avoid exposure to common chemicals found in pesticides and weed killers:

Simon Fraser University health sciences professor Bruce Lanphear and his colleagues found pregnant women with the highest levels of common pesticides in their bodies had smaller babies, about a half week earlier, than mothers with the lowest pesticide levels.

Researchers say this is just one of many studies that suggest even low dose exposure to pesticides can influence fetal development.

Scientists tested the urine of 306 white and black pregnant women in Ohio. They were checking the levels of the most common pesticide used to kill insects found in produce and lawns.

They found for every 10-fold increase in the mother's urine, her pregnancy was reduced by half a week and her baby's birth weight decreased to what Dr. Lampear says is comparable to what is noted in babies whose mothers smoke.

Dr. Lampear says a lower birth weight is associated with respiratory problems and learning behaviors.

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This study is published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.

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