Lead found in Mattel & Fisher-Price toys

11:45 PM, Jun 7, 2009   |    comments
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St. Petersburg, Florida-The government issued a record fine for toy makers, Mattel and Fisher Price after the Consumer Product Safety Commission says the companies, knowingly imported and sold almost two million toys tainted with lead.

The toy companies agreed to pay a $2.3 million dollar civil penalty for violating the federal lead paint ban.

Lead can be toxic to young children and cause neurological and physical problems.

I've included tips to keeps your kids lead-free. Click here.

Click here to see what to do about toxic toys.

According to the CPSC:

  • Mattel imported up to 900,000 non-compliant toys between September 2006 and August 2007, including the "Sarge" toy car and numerous Barbie accessory toys, and distributed most of them to its retail customers for sale to U.S. consumers. The "Sarge" car was recalled in August 2007 and the Barbie toys were recalled in September 2007.
  • Fisher-Price imported up to 1.1 million non-compliant toys between July 2006 and August 2007, including certain licensed character toys and the Bongo Band, GEOTRAX locomotive, and Go Diego Go Rescue Boat toys. Most of these toys were distributed to retail stores for sale to consumers. The licensed character toys were recalled in August 2007, the Bongo Band and GEO TRAX toys were recalled in September 2007, and the Go Diego Go Boat toys were recalled in October 2007.

    You can read more about which toys were recalled by clicking here.

    Mattel & Fisher-Price deny that they knowingly violated federal law.

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