Why do they call it that? Lake Alfred

7:19 AM, Jun 8, 2011   |    comments
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Lake Alfred is shown from Lions Park in this photo from the City of Lake Alfred.

It's a Bay area city that's been through a whole slew of names. Which is your favorite? Is it Fargo? Maybe Chubb? You may like the name they finally settled on a bit better.

Why do they call it Lake Alfred? 

City Hall here is going through some changes. Construction crews are climbing all over the building, and a sign warns it's a hard hat area.

But change is nothing new for this Polk County town.

Some of the names for the city that were tried and tossed out over the years: New Armenia, Wahnetta, Bartow Junction, and Chubb.

You can even find an official city document that calls it an identity crisis.

A group of settlers from North Dakota were apparently happy with the heat here, but they weren't so hot on the town's name.

They got it changed to match their hometown: Fargo. But it wouldn't last.

The problem with naming that city Fargo is another existing city, Largo -- closer to the Gulf coast. The result was mailman confusion. Nobody wants that.

So the Polk County city had to change again, and try out a sixth name!

They finally agreed to name the city after the lake next door -- Lake Alfred. But why Alfred?

A generation before, a fella came to the lakeshore here looking to build railroad lines, citrus groves, even whole towns.

This guy was filthy rich. He had $10,000!

Back then, that was mansion-building bucks.

He became the area's first developer and the lake was named for him, Alfred Parslow.

Why do they call it that? Now you know.

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