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Pinellas smoke ring mystery solved

In the end, we learned it wasn't a swarm, or exhaust fumes from an alien UFO. It wasn't an electrical problem or some construction accident either...

8:53 PM, Oct 18, 2013

Judge in lottery trial storms out, tells Dee Dee Moore, "You are to STOP!"

During closing arguments in her first degree murder trial, Dee Dee Moore was once again admonished by the judge to stop crying in front of the jury.

6:27 PM, Dec 10, 2012

Police: Firefighter raped, impregnated woman

A Daytona Beach firefighter was arrested Tuesday and charged with raping a woman he met at a bar.  

1:48 PM, Jul 28, 2010

Jillian Smith charged in stabbing death of Michael Espy

An argument between a couple with a history of domestic disputes turned deadly Thursday afternoon.

10:48 AM, Dec 14, 2012

Magic group purchases LA Sparks

A group led by Magic Johnson and some of his partners with the Los Angeles Dodgers has purchased the Los Angeles Sparks.

4:32 PM, Feb 5, 2014

Easter Events: Here are a few sunrise services, egg hunts and non-traditional ways to celebrate Easter

Whether it's a sunrise service, hunting for Easter eggs or even getting your taxes done, there are lots of things to do in Tampa Bay on Sunday.

10:31 PM, Apr 7, 2012

How to challenge a red light camera ticket (violation) in Florida

Not one of the five drivers who has argued a RLC violation in front of a local magistrate so far has succeeded, despite several of them having grounds to contest the ticket.

9:52 AM, Sep 24, 2013

Hillsborough Sheriff's Office: Man who stabbed cat shot is shot, killed after charging at deputies with butcher knife

Sheriff David Gee says a man burned his clothes, stabbed a cat, and charged with a butcher knife, forcing deputies to shoot him.

12:52 PM, Mar 4, 2014

Winn-Dixie announces holiday hours

All stores close 7 p.m. Christmas Eve and are open 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Christmas Day.

9:53 PM, Dec 20, 2010

Florida's red-light camera intersections issuing more tickets after yellow light times quietly reduced

The 10 News Investigators discovered FDOT and local cities have been working together to shorten some of the yellow lights across the state, resulting in many more red-light camera tickets.

11:01 PM, May 19, 2013

Mom: Officer shot kittens in front of my kids

The Ohio Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals wants Humane Officer Barry Accorti fired for allegedly shooting five kittens in a home's back yard on Monday.

2:06 PM, Jun 12, 2013

Tampa Bay selected to host "Bollywood Oscars"

The International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) announced this week that the 2014 IIFA Weekend & Awards will be held in Tampa Bay next June.   

11:08 AM, Jul 5, 2013

Teens ask for prom dates by texting

While some teens think it's cool to ask someone to the prom via text, others say they prefer the old fashion way in person.

3:11 PM, May 11, 2010

Florida Polytechnic University will offer free tuition for first students

Florida Poly's Trustees voted to approve full scholarships for the first students in 2014.

7:05 PM, Aug 26, 2013

"Zombie" attacks guard in nudist resort scuffle, deputies say

Investigators say a costumed customer at the Caliente nudist club scuffled with a security guard after touching a guest's breast without her permission. 

5:20 AM, Nov 2, 2011

No money for sons of Abraham Shakespeare, the Lakeland murdered millionaire

One of Shakespeare's sons will not be able to have a Christmas celebration this year because his only parent is out of work.

12:15 AM, Dec 15, 2012

Legally blind woman sues Paradise Lakes nudist condo association over service dog

Problems for Sharon Fowler and Laura began in 2012 when management sent a letter saying Laura is over the 25-pound weight limit and needed to go.

10:39 PM, Mar 4, 2014

Canceled: Silver Alert in Clearwater

Clearwater Police tell us missing person Doris Vroutos has been located and is safe.

10:30 AM, Mar 8, 2009

Recreational pot sales: Where the grass is much greener

The expected boon is Colorado's "green rush" -- new taxes for government and untold millions to be made by growers and merchants.

11:59 PM, Jan 4, 2014
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